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March 19, 2012
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That's right folks i am heading back to TF Heroes.

These are the season 1 episodes of Transformers Heroes. There will be more in the future.

Disclamer i do not own Transformers (I wish i did though) This is solely for entertainment purposes only, Just like the project is for entertainment.

Transformers Heroes

Season 1

Roll Out Pt. 1
In an effort to save their race Optimus Prime (Peter Cullen) and his team consisting of Ironhide (John DiMaggio) Trickster (Nolan North) Bumblebee (Haley Joel Osment) Arcee (Mae Whitman) Bulkhead (Khary Payton) Drift (Steve Blum) and Ratchet (Fred Tatasciore) escape from Cybertron in their ship the Ark but will they escape the Wrath of Megatron (Frank Welker) and his Minions Starscream (Steve Blum) and Soundwave (Frank Welker)

Roll Out Pt. 2
Stranded near the human city of Houston, The Autobots must team up with Simon Witwickey (James Arnold Taylor) Cmnd. Spike Witwickey (Corey Burton) and his N.E.S.T. Orginization to take down the Decepticons, but what happens when the secret is out?

Social Status
As the Autobots fit in their new home they need to prove to the humans that they can be trusted, but things go a little out of hand when Decepticon captain Barricade (Keith David) and his troops goes on an hit and run spree. Can the Autobots stop him to gain the trust of the humans or will Barricade get away with it?

Seeker Air Space
In order to conquer Houston, Starscream and his seekers, Thundercracker (Darren Norris) Skywarp (Tom Kenny) Starscream's son, Laserburst (John Kassir), and his daughter Slipstream (Tara Strong) take over the skies preventing anyone entering or leaving. Can the Autobots defeat the flying Decepticons or will it end in disaster? Meanwhile Simon is trying out for the school football team and Ironhide helps him improve his strength.

Old Friends
Three of Bulkhead's Wreaker teammates Springer (David Kaye) Roadbuster (Clancy Brown) and Ironfist (Tom Kenny) comes to visit Autobot HQ. But When Megatron knows of their arrival he contacts the Wreakers sworn enemy and his Loyal servent Lugnut(David Kaye) to destroy them.

After a celebration party gone bad in M.E.C.H. Industries, Trickster becomes suspicius of the CEO Leland "Silas" Bishop (Clancy Brown). What Trickster finds out about them will cost him his own life.

Dark Lord Retuning
After healing from his battle with Optimus and his Matrix, Megatron returns with a plan that could wipe Houston off the face of the planet. Meanwhile Bumblebee is trying to prove his worth to the team.

Mind Games
The Autobots face off with the Human villain Mind Controller (Mark Meer) who wants to control the minds of the population of Houston. The only hope for the Autobots is through Drift and his sacred Cyber Ninja move "Processor over Matter". Wil Drift save the day or end up being a victim to the Mind Conqueror's hypnosis helmut.

The Hunt
Needing some outside support, Megatron hires the services of the Dreads consisting of Lockdown (Corey Burton) Crankcase (Steve Blum) Crowbar (James Horan) and Hatchet to take down the Autobots one by one.

After finishing up on some hero work the Autobots takes time to relax. Trickster gets challanged into a video game match with Bumblebee and Bulkhead. Arcee tells Simon stories of her stunt days. Drift, Ratchet,and Ironhide test out the new Training simulator room and Optimus gets contact from his bondmate Elita-1 (Grey DeLisle)

Zombies from Outer Space
Its Halloween and Megatron has plans for Houston this year. He uses his Dark Energon powers to make zombies out of his fallen soldiers. Can the Autobots stop this Zombie invasion or will they be scared to death.

Man Vs. Machine
M.E.C.H. Returns with a team of supervillians consisting of Nanosec (Micheal Rosenbaum) Slo-Mo (Jennifer Hale) Angry Archer(Jeff Bennet) and Mind Conqueror to take down the Autobots once and for all. Meanwhile Ratchet reminence on the time where he failed to save a patient.

Double Date
Simon finally had the gall to ask out his friend Sari Sumdac (Tara Strong) on a date. Bumblebee and Arcee joins along as escorts to study how humans date. But they are not alone as Slipstream flies overhead to kidnap the two humans for information each of their fathers know.

Vector Sigma
After Optimus fell victim of a death like coma provided by Megatron, The Autobots must use Prime's Key to Vector Sigma to restore him. The problem is Vector Sigma is tucked away in the vaults of the Decepticon Moon Base.

Shock Treatment
Megatron's loyal servent Shockwave (Corey Burton) comes to aid the Decepticons with a Doomsday device. The Autobots inviltraite the desert base where Shockwave is to retrieve the device. But unknown to them the Device was not the only thing Shockwave brought.

Overlord Pt.1
After careful study by Scalpal (Mark Hamill) the Decepticons have found one of their own in Antarctica. Optimus fears that they may have found Megatron's most dangerous ally under the ice... Overlord.

Overlord Pt.2
After being reactivated by Dark Energon, Overlord (Phil Morris) attempts to take over the world armed with an Artifact of Primus, the Spear of Megatronus. Optimus must rely on the Matrix to give him the power stop him. As Primus would have it, the spirit of Prima (Kevin Conroy) reveals the secret of the Matrix to Optimus.
Thats right i am heading back to Transformers Heroes. Its a project where i made my own TF Universe going between Primus Mythos and Dark energon practice.

There is a couple of DCAU stars in here can you find them?

Edit 1: Changed Silas's name turns out it was Leland Bishop according to this [link]

UPDATE: Edited the order of episodes and changed a couple of cast members.

Transformers (c) Hastak
Laserburst, Trickster, Mind Coqueror,- Mine
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